Why do RCPsych leaders suppress discussion by its own members about #ChoosePsychiatry? (draft #3)

On 9th October I posted a piece on how RCPsych leaders are encouraging Junior Doctors and Medical Students to enter psychiatry, while making little effort to address problems which make flat or reduced consultant numbers in ten years more likely:

As a member of the RCPsych I have tried to engage with the many RCPsych leaders who selectively discuss mental health issues on social media. (Details of the various evasive responses will be posted here in future drafts).

The RCPsych CEO Paul Rees has acknowledged receipt of my expressions of concern, but otherwise responded evasively.

Instead, I have been blocked from these psychiatry recruitment accounts:



Do the followers of these sites need protecting from the facts and reasoning I present, because they are unable to decide for themselves?

Or is it more about attempting to airbrush the criticisms I make of RCPsych leaders?

The RCPsych is a statutory body with a state monopoly on professional development for psychiatrists, and I suggest this kind of censorship is more usually found in totalitarian countries.

Three leading consultant psychiatrists have also blocked me: Dr Samei Huda MRCPsych, Dr Sridevi Kalidindi FRCPsych of the Maudsley Hospital, and Dr Michael Sharpe FRCPsych of Oxford and the notorious PACE/MECFS trial:






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