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Busy Busy Busy


After the August bank holiday, its time to get organised again. Like many people with mild ADD / ADHD (1), plans mulled over while taking a break from work during August are coming up against the reality of having to do several things, some not anticipated, at once.

Medical doctors, rightly, are regulated, and the regulation is increasing. We are both on a medical register, and licensed. This year a separate registration with the Care Quality Commision has been introduced, the application forms and guidance for which were only published at the beginning of July, and have to be submitted, with a lot of accompanying documents, by 1st October.

I’m not moaning, but it is quite a tight deadline, and I may have to ask for a couple of weeks extension. In the meantime lots of other interesting things are happening, and it would be nice to think a bit more about national ADHD week (19th – 26th September).

Got to go.



(1) See 23rd July posting

This post appeared late due to problems with technology and…organisation

Published at www.DrNM.org.uk on 3rd September 2010; transferred to DrNMblog.wordpress.com on 9th October 2011

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