Cumberlege and Chantler’s DWP ‘opportunity’

The proposed meeting of Primodos, valproate, and mesh groups with the Department of Work and Pensions, to look at Personal Independence Payments, looks like a distraction. From the failure of Cumberlege and Chantler to remove Sonia Macleod and Simon Whale from the IMMDS Review, given their serious undisclosed financial links with PLCs supposedly under scrutiny by the Review, plus many others of direct relevance.

But any groups who do not attend run the risk of being undermined as non-cooperative, by the Luther Pendragon PR machine.

I suggest that all groups ask Cumberlege and Chantler, who have spent well over a year supposedly ‘listening’ to evidence about all three conditions, why they have not openly published a proper written statement themselves, to inform the ‘Condition Insight Reports’ that the DWP is developing.

I offer to attend the meeting on behalf of any group which is wary of it, or simply does not have the time.

I have some knowledge of how the DWP operates, and also of how establishment psychiatry has been used by the DWP to undermine illness and disability benefit claimants.

A key establishment psychiatrist is Dr Simon Wessely, currently president of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). It may be a coincidence, but the RSM is the only ‘club’ that Julia Cumberlege lists in Who’s Who, as accessed in the British Library last month.

Wessely features in item number 14 of my ‘Prescribed Harm Manifesto‘, a blog piece which was probably a key reason for my current GMC suspension.

He appears to have had a relationship with the DWP for three decades, and his role in the last two is well-documented, helping it to undermine patients’ symptoms and disabilities as psychological.

He played a key role in the development of a form of CBT, for MECFS, which many patients have experienced as coercive.

Screenshot_2019-09-14 from keithgeraghty wessely cbt - Twitter Search Twitter

The DWP failed to disclose its funding for the notorious ‘PACE’ trial of this form of CBT, compounding the alienation that many patients with MECFS already held.

Screenshot_2019-09-14 from keithgeraghty dwp - Twitter Search Twitter



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