Both complainants to the GMC are supporters of Dr Paul Morrison FRCPsych and Dr Samei Huda MRCPsych

(See my piece of 19th March for a brief background. The issues have always been wholly public. Most of this piece was made available to the GMC a day in advance. The GMC has informed me that ‘the complainants are being well supported and have regular update and contact’.)

I have no problem with the supporters of those I have criticised making anonymous complaints. It is up to the GMC to take that into account. The GMC have known for weeks that the second complainant is a supporter of both of these ‘Pharma-psychiatrists’, as I sometimes call them: my term includes those who are not significantly funded by Pharma, but ignore, deflect from, or minimise such conflicts of interest. However, given the UK’s lack of compulsory disclosure, it is impossible to know who is truly unfunded.

The first complainant focused on the issue of registered-but-unlicensed practice. This Twitter account has now identified itself, but still appears to be


essentially anonymous. Again, I have no problem with that, but it is relevant to the question of whether these complaints reflect the general concerns of ‘patients and the public’, as the GMC has implied. More on that in later blog pieces. On the issue of ‘vulnerable patients’, see my notes to the Decision, 1/3 down.

Two (undeleted) tweets by the first complainant are supportive of Dr Morrison. The first is just four days after my blog piece of September 6th on Dr Morrison. Hundreds of this complainant’s tweets have been in Twitter threads with Dr Samei Huda, who has been closely aligned with Dr Morrison.

Screenshot_2019-03-24 RoseAnnieFlo on Twitter It's very odd peterkinderman made such a song dance about his complaint re Pa[...]

In the second, ‘Lucy’ is Lucy Johnstone, who complained (with Peter Kinderman and others) about Dr Morrison’s alleged ‘bullying, harrassment and misogyny’ in February 2018 (see my same September 6th blog piece). ‘DCP’ is the British Psychological Society’s (BPS’s) Division of Clinical Psychology:

Screenshot_2019-03-24 RoseAnnieFlo on Twitter SPECIAL PLENARY SESSION How to retract a power-point slide Special BPSOfficia[...](1)

Screenshot_2019-03-24 RoseAnnieFlo on Twitter SPECIAL PLENARY SESSION How to retract a power-point slide Special BPSOfficia[...]

The second complainant Tweeted in support of Dr Morrison and Dr Huda, a day after my piece criticising both. :

Screenshot_2019-03-26 C1-2141764902 Dr MacFarlane- Documents to be presented to the IOT_Redacted pdf

I discussed the above in the tribunal hearing (it was in the GMC’s evidence bundle): it has been deleted, along with many others. But it is still possible to find evidence of this Twitter account’s support for Dr Morrison by showing its ‘likes’ of Tweets such as this abusive one (also discussed in the tribunal):



The second complainant also continues to be active in many Twitter threads with Dr Huda, who promotes them both by re-Tweeting, as here shown with consecutive re-Tweets (image made 26th March 13.15 pm):

Screenshot_2019-03-26 Samei Huda ( SameiHuda) Twitter

To repeat again, I have no problem with anonymous complaints, but if it is claimed they represent ‘patients and the public’, then bodies (the GMC and others) investigating them must consider the wider context.

In contrast, Dr Huda and establishment psychiatrists have repeatedly expressed their hostility towards anonymous complainants. This is very worrying, given the fears that many patients and members of the public have that NHS psychiatrists are in positions of power, regularly work with the police, and might be able to uncover the identity of anonymous complainants, or even punish them with Mental Health Act detention and/or forced treatment.

Screenshot_2019-03-15 from SameiHuda anonymous - Twitter Search(1)

Screenshot_2019-03-26 Dr Kate Lovett on Twitter Anonymous accounts (cowards), photoshopping images (lack of respect and dig[...]

Screenshot_2019-03-26 Wendy Burn 🌈 on Twitter Particularly from the anonymous accounts Cowards as DrKateLovett says …

Finally, it emerged yesterday that Dr Wendy Burn appears to have contacted the first complainant privately. I have previously complained about Dr Burn to the GMC, and named her twice in my submission to the MPTS tribunal on March 20th.

As evidence from both complainants was considered by the tribunal both are potential witnesses. Dr Burn must have known that, and must have known that her action was potential interference with a witness and with evidence. I am likely to call on Dr Burn to suspend herself from RCPsych office, or resign, and will be adding this interference to my other GMC complaints about her.





(Next piece: the GMC’s false and misleading submission on ‘unlicensed practice’.)

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Independent Psychiatrist providing culturally informed mental health opinion, advice, and a few new facts. Based near London, UK. Main qualifications: BA MBBS MA MRCPsych.

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