Dr Paul Morrison FRCPsych: new complaints to GMC. His false claims about February 2018 ‘misogyny’ complaint, and his libel threats.

[My letter to the GMC, edited here]

The GMC have informed me they will not be investigating Dr Morrison. They are now investigating me!

From: Dr Neil MacFarlane BA MBBS MA MRCPsych GMC 3205688


13th March 2019

Complaints: Dr Paul Morrison FRCPsych (GMC number believed to be 4149224)

  1. His false claims that ‘nothing was upheld’ of a complaint against him to South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM).
  2. His threats to sue me for libel.


Dear GMC

[Summary of my 6th September complaint and its background omitted here]


On 9th September Dr Morrison categorically stated, in a private Twitter Direct Message (DM) to me that ‘Nothing was upheld’.

A few weeks later SLAM confirmed that they had responded to Mr Kinderman’s complaint, but they refused to give details of their response. I updated my blog piece several times to reflect my increasing lack of certainty.

Dr Morrison publicly repeated his claim in late December, in a jokingly threatening and abusive Tweet. You may know that Tweets such as this (if not deleted) can be very quickly found, in this case by searching for ‘from:PaulMor64695904 young kinderman’ in the Twitter search box:

Screenshot_2019-02-22 Paul Morrison on Twitter Young Kinderman claimed the complaint was upheld - factually wrong Then he p[...]

On February 8th Dr Morrison contacted me by DM and asked me to delete my piece as it was ‘distressing’ some of his patients. I pointed out that Mr Kinderman had not retracted any of his statements. He stated: ‘Repeating an allegation of others is…libellous’ and ‘I’m fortunate to have the best legal advice.’

On February 9th he repeated the threat: ‘I’m going to sue you for libel. And I’m being advised to report you to the GMC.’

Again on the 10th: ‘…are you really so foolish to believe that I am bluffing about suing you for libel…It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.’

A week or so after that, I was emailed (from a parliamentary email account, which end in @parliament.uk) by one of the MPs that I had copied my 6th September complaint into. I was provided with a letter from the SLAM Communications Department (Trust HQ Maudsley Hospital Denmark Hill London SE5 8AZ, Telephone: 020 3228 2830 Fax: 020 3228 2021), which named me and gave an account of my complaint and Mr Kinderman’s. I have not provided you with a copy of this as I have not yet obtained permission to do so, but details in it, of a previous complaint to SLAM that I had made, further prove it is genuine.

SLAM stated that Peter Kinderman’s complaint against Dr Morrison (who was not named) had been ‘partially upheld’, and that he had left the Trust in July. The reason for his leaving was not stated.

I cannot see how Dr Morrison’s false claims that ‘nothing was upheld’ amount to anything other than deliberate dishonesty, and therefore serious professional misconduct.

The threats to sue me for libel, I submit, are also serious breaches of professional conduct.


Further comments:

Dr Morrison’s website www.paulmorrison.org (on which he does not state his GMC number) states that he still has NHS patients, but not where they are. If this is incorrect it would be a further false statement.

He retains his academic post at the IoPPN, a role which might involve interactions with SLaM patients enrolled in IoPPN research:


Dr Morrison has been careless, at least, about misogynistic language in the past. These Tweets are selected from a November 2017 thread:


171114Anne Cooke-Women, if you don't mind please Paul

171114-Sameer Jauhar-Glasgow vernacular

Dr Morrison’s jaunty, and perhaps not sincere, apology and correction was followed by further provocation:

171114-3-Oops sorry Women I meant

All the Tweets I reproduce here are still public. As psychologist Anne Cooke pointed out earlier, misogyny remains a highly sensitive and important issue in mental health, especially in regard to the inappropriate use of restraint, coercion, and antipsychotic medication, when past trauma is under- or mis-identified:


I submit that Dr Morrison’s private (and perhaps NHS) patients are at risk from possible misogynistic attitudes and behaviours that have not been properly investigated and dealt with by SLAM.

Yours Sincerely


Dr Neil MacFarlane

[See also my piece of 20th March. On that day I was informed that the GMC had received a similar complaint weeks or months ago, but have failed to investigate]

About Dr Neil MacFarlane MRCPsych

Independent Psychiatrist providing culturally informed mental health opinion, advice, and a few new facts. Based near London, UK. Main qualifications: BA MBBS MA MRCPsych.

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    Hi, I need to speak with you urgently. Do you have a private email address. You will have access to mine. Please keep it private.

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