Complaint to Maudsley Hospital Governors: Chief Executive Dr Matthew Patrick MRCPsych’s failure to fully deal with upheld complaints, of misogynistic abuse, against consultant psychiatrist Dr Paul Morrison FRCPsych

Added 13th March: the February 2018 complaint is now confirmed as ‘partially upheld’, although details are not known, and I have today made further complaints to the GMC.

Added 8th February 2019: I have left the title of this piece unchanged to avoid airbrushing history, but there is significant doubt as to whether the original complaints were upheld (see below).

If anyone is concerned about the unresolved nature of the issues described here, I recommend they write to the Maudsley Governors and/or the politicians listed below. On 27th September I received an acknowledgement from an official at the Department of Health, which stated ‘I note your comments and appreciate your concerns about this matter’, but made clear it was a matter for the hospital trust to resolve.

The original (19th February 2018) complainants have not withdrawn (or, I believe, qualified) their statement:

Screenshot_2019-02-08 Peter Kinderman on Twitter Indeed Nobody is complaining about disagreement conducted in a civil manne[...]

Added 12th (& 24th) December: I have now had a partial response which casts considerable doubt on whether the original complaints were ‘upheld’ . See end of this piece.

Added 13th September:

Anyone concerned about this issue who lives in the Camberwell and Peckham parlimentary constituency (which includes the Maudsley Hospital/IoPPN) may want to consider writing to the local MP Harriet Harman. Your letter will remain confidential (including your address). If you live elsewhere, a letter to the Minister for Mental Health Jackie Doyle-Price, plus a copy to your local MP (even a third to Harriet Harman), will also help. You can check who your local MP is here:

Expressing such a concern would not make you a co-complainant: on the other hand I would be happy for anyone with more knowledge and experience of misogyny and related gender issues than myself to take this up publicly. The blog pieces on my website (especially those under the ‘Pharma’ category) provide background for why I believe the Maudsley Governors (and the Pharma-dominated IoPPN hierarchy) may not act without outside pressure.


Update 11th September:

My understanding is that the original (19th February) complainants will not be retracting or modifying their statements of 5th-6th August, which include: ‘Nobody is complaining about disagreement conducted in a civil manner. What we objected to was the breach of professional ethics and the descent into bullying, harassment and misogyny. And, while the complaint was ours, the independent investigation agreed.’ (my emphasis)


My 6th September complaint:

To: Mr Roger Paffard, Chair of Board of Governors, South London and Maudsley Hospital Trust (SLAM)

Dear Mr Paffard

On 6th August it was announced on Twitter that multiple complaints against Dr Morrison had been upheld by SLAM. The complainant provided a link to a redacted version of the 19th February letter, but declined to provide a copy of SLAM’s response, or any details within it.

The 19th February complaint letter contained dozens of examples of Dr Morrison’s tweets. The most serious are clearly examples of misogynistic abuse, referring to female professionals as ‘girls’, and mocking the ‘lips’ and sex drive (‘libido’) of a named female mental health professional, in the context of the critical comments Dr Morrison had been making:

I submit that Dr Patrick should have responded to these complaints within, at most, two weeks, and made that response public. The abuse was public, and is likely to have been viewed by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of service users, other members of the public, professionals and academics.

It appears that Dr Morrison himself was only informed of the outcome of the complaints process in early August. These misogynistic tweets were then deleted. You will know that it is common practice for images to be made of questionable social media posts, so that deletion rarely means the end of them. I myself have made images of Dr Morrison’s later posts that I quote from below.

I submit that the abusive Tweets were serious enough to suspend Dr Morrison from clinical practice at the Maudsley Hospital (which claims national and even international excellence) until a full investigation into his gender-related attitudes and behaviour was completed.

That such a suspension should now occur is even more clear, given that Dr Morrison continued to Tweet defiantly after 6th August, implying that he had been unjustly treated. On 14th August he Tweeted that the complainant and the female professionals were ‘radical political activists’, and claimed that many of their opponents ‘have thanked me personally for debunking this radical faction and their pamphlets’. After I tweeted (25th August) that he should apologise, he closed his account, but I am not aware that he has publicly or privately changed his position that he is a martyr to his cause.

On 7th August, another Maudsley male consultant psychiatrist (and close academic colleague of Dr Morrison), Dr Sameer Jauhar MRCPsych, tweeted in support of Dr Morrison, and proposed a ‘moratorium on MHPs [mental health professionals] reporting other MHPs to regulatory bodies’. This suggests that a wider investigation into a possible culture of abuse/bullying minimisation and complaint suppression within the Maudsley and IoPPN may be necessary.

I also submit that service users, the public, professionals, and staff at King’s College London’s (KCL’s) Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN, where Dr Morrison is a full Senior Lecturer) deserve answers to these questions:

  1. Has the Executive Dean of the IoPPN, Professor Ian Everall FRCPsych been informed of the complaint? If so, when, and what has he done in relation to academic staff (and perhaps non-patient volunteers in research) at the IoPPN? I note that Professor Everall, a psychiatrist, also sits on SLAM’s Trust Board.
  2. There are close links between the Maudsley/IoPPN and clinical/academic psychiatry in Oxford. Concern has recently been expressed about misogynistic language used by the Oxford psychiatrist Dr Michael Sharpe FRCPsych in an email to Carol Monaghan MP, who has been investigating the so-called PACE trial of ME/CFS: Dr Sharpe wrote that her ‘behaviour’ was ‘unbecoming’, in his opinion. The IoPPN was a major participant in the PACE trial and KCL’s Dr Simon Wessely FRCPsych (a consultant psychiatrist who worked for a long time at the Maudsley and appears to retain close clinical links) has been repeatedly involved in its promotion and defence. Has Dr Wessely been informed about this complaint; if so, when?


Yours sincerely


Dr Neil MacFarlane MRCPsych

cc (email):

Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP (Camberwell and Peckham) (& letter)
Helen Hayes MP (Dulwich and West Norwood)

Victoria Atkins MP, Minister for Women
Naz Shah MP, Shadow Minister for Women
Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Minister for Mental Health
Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Minister for Mental Health (letter)
Luciana Berger MP, Health and Social Care Committee & Labour Mental Health
Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Health and Social Care Committee

Women and Equalities Committee:
Rt Hon Maria Miller MP (Chair)
Tonia Antoniazzi MP
Sarah Champion MP
Angela Crawley MP
Vicky Ford MP
Kirstene Hair MP
Eddie Hughes MP
Jess Phillips MP
Mr Gavin Shuker MP
Tulip Siddiq MP

Carol Monaghan MP (& letter)
Steve Brine MP (Minister for Primary Care)

Stella Creasy MP


Added 12 (& 24th) December: I have now had a brief response which indicated that the original complainants (Peter Kinderman and others) were free to make the response from the Trust public. I received this email on 16th October, but then made several further attempts to obtain more information. (Bold highlighting by me).

Dear Dr MacFarlane

I write further to your below email and previous correspondence in relation the your concerns about the actions of a doctor on social media. […]

I am sorry that you are disappointed that the complainants in this instance have declined to share our response with you. […] The matters concerned were reviewed by senior member of the Trust with oversight by the medical director.

Yours sincerely

Edith Adejobi

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Complaints and Serious Incidents Department | Maudsley Hospital |111 Denmark Hill|London| SE5 8AZ


Dr Morrison returned to Twitter and continued to make critical comments, mostly legitimate in my view, about anti-diagnosis purism and excessive claims for CBT as a treatment for psychosis. He continues to avoid and deflect questions about Pharma bias, but appears to take more care about being seen to be ‘abusive’.

Therefore Kinderman et al’s claim that the Trust had agreed Dr Morrison’s Tweets amounted to ‘bullying, harassment and misogyny’ seems very dubious. For me, this is not an isolated example but is in keeping with false statements that Peter Kinderman and John Read have made about other issues. I suggest that if they want to be credible in this case then they will release what screenshots they have of the claimed ‘bullying’ etc, and also the response to their complaint from the Maudsley Hospital.

About Dr Neil MacFarlane MRCPsych

Independent Psychiatrist providing culturally informed mental health opinion, advice, and a few new facts. Based near London, UK. Main qualifications: BA MBBS MA MRCPsych.

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